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Books about Lincoln's Pre-Presidential Political Career

Honor's Voice: The Transformation of Abraham Lincoln

Author Douglas L. Wilson covers Lincoln's lesser-known early years, with a focus on the period 1831 to 1842, when Lincoln left his father's home and carved out his own life. Using vivid accounts of Lincoln's contemporaries, Wilson describes Lincoln's rocky rise from a rough flatboatman to an influential Illinois politician.

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  • Ayers, Carol Dark. Lincoln in Kansas: Partnership for Freedom. Manhattan, KS: Sunflower University Press, 2001.

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  • Dittenhoefer, Abram J. How We Elected Lincoln: Personal Recollections of Lincoln and Men of His Time. Kessinger Publishing, 2004 (reprint of 1916 edition).

  • Ecelbarger, Gary. The Great Comeback: How Abraham Lincoln Beat the Odds to Win the 1860 Republican Nomination. Thomas Dunne Books, 2008.

  • Egerton, Douglas R. Year of Meteors: Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, and the Election that Brought on the Civil War. 2010.

  • Emerson, Jason. Lincoln the Inventor. Southern Illinois University Press, 2009.

  • Fehrenbacher, Don E. Prelude to Greatness: Lincoln in the 1850's. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1962.

  • Fenster, Julie. The Case of Abraham Lincoln: A Story of Adultery, Murder, and The Making of a Great President. Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

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  • Jaffa, Harry V. Crisis of the House Divided: 50th Anniversary Edition. University of Chicago Press, 2013.

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  • Wilson, Douglas L. Lincoln Before Washington: New Perspectives on the Illinois Years. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1997.

  • Winkle, Kenneth J. The Young Eagle: The Rise of Abraham Lincoln. Taylor Trade Publishing, 2001.

  • Zarefsky, David. Lincoln, Douglas, and Slavery: In the Crucible of Public Debate. University of Chicago Press, 1993.

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