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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum News

This downtown museum complex is a must-see destination in Springfield, Illinois, the hometown of America's sixteenth president. The library building is pictured here; the museum building faces it across the street.

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News Highlights

Keep up with some of the ever-changing developments at the Library and Museum.

  • Text-Based Sculpture Installed Outside ALPLM (Illinois Times)
  • Changes Ahead for ALPLM Exhibits (Illinois TImes)
  • Gone with the Wind: Lincoln Foundation Takes Artifacts from ALPLM (Illinois Times)
  • Artifacts Removed from ALPLM (SJ-R)
  • Lincoln Foundation Reboots (Illinois Times)
  • Former ALPLM Director Mackevich Dies at 82 (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Receives Grant to Digitize Images (SJ-R)
  • Guy Fraker Donates Lincoln Letter to ALPLM (SJ-R)
  • Un-Civil War: Accusations Fly Between ALPLM, Foundation (Illinois Times)
  • Here's Your Hat, What's Your Hurry? (Illinois Times)
  • LaHood Resigns from ALPLM Board (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Parts Ways with Board (Illinois Times)
  • ALPLM Ends Relationship with Foundation (SJ-R)
  • New ALPLM Director Announced
  • ALPLM Breaks Barriers in Naming New Director (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Board Names New Director (Illinois Times)
  • Mast Takes Helm at Museum Foundation (Illinois Times)
  • ALPLF President Announced
  • Getting Real: ALPLM Wrestles with Hat, Looks for Leadership (Illinois Times)
  • Firing of State Historian latest ALPLM Controversy (SJ-R)
  • State Historian Leaves ALPLM (Illinois Times)
  • Cornelius Comments on Hat (Illinois Times)
  • Tick Tock: Issues Go Beyond Hat (Illinois Times)
  • Mad Hatters (Illinois Times)
  • ALPLM to Decide Status of Lincoln Hat (SJ-R)
  • Report Issued on Lincoln Hat (WBEZ)
  • ALPLM Foundation Gets Loan Extension for Taper Collection (SJ-R)
  • The Truth Outs: ALPLM in Disarray (Illinois Times)
  • IG Recommended Lowe Dismissal (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Foundation CEO Resigns (Illinois Times)
  • Governor Names ALPLM Board Members (Illinois Times)
  • LaHood to Lead ALPLM Board (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Director Terminated (SJ-R)
  • Another One Bites the Dust (Illinois Times)
  • Lincoln Bible Donated to ALPLM (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Legislation Goes to Illinois Governor (SJ-R)
  • Lincoln Foundation Director Appointment Status May Change (SJ-R)
  • Selling Expendable Lincoln Items Won't Erase Debt (SJ-R)
  • Another Day, Another Circus: ALPLM Foundation Goes Begging (Illinois Times)
  • Foundation Audit Postponed (SJ-R)
  • Foundation Audit Requested (SJ-R)
  • Questions Not Limited to the Hat (Illinois Times)
  • Lincoln Documents Donated to Museum (SJ-R)
  • Museum Director Cuts Personal Financial Tie to Foundation (SJ-R)
  • Commentary: Confederacy of Dunces (Illinois Times)
  • Lincoln Curator is Dismissed (SJ-R)
  • More on the Disputed Hat (Illinois Times)
  • Lincoln Hat Controversy (SJ-R)
  • Leveraging Lincoln (Illinois Times)
  • ALPLM Foundation Looks for Auction House (SJ-R)
  • Interment Book Storage Issue Settled (SJ-R)
  • Defending Cornelius (Illinois Times)
  • Interment Book Storage Status Uncertain (SJ-R)
  • Lincoln Curator on Leave (Illinois Times)
  • Monroe Dress Sells for $50,000 at Auction
  • GoFundMe for At-Risk Lincoln Artifacts (SJ-R)
  • Selling Lincoln: ALPLM Foundation Seeks Bailout (Illinois Times)
  • ALPLM Foundation Puts Marilyn Monroe Dress Up for Auction (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Foundation May Sell Artifacts to Pay Debt (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Publishes Online Digital Archive (SJ-R)
  • Letter, Painting Donated to ALPLM (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Ends Interlibrary Loans (Illinois Times)
  • Illinois House Ok's Bill to Make ALPLM Separate Agency (SJ-R)
  • Rebuttal to ALPLM Director by Dr. McDermott (Illinois Times)
  • A Presidential Chat: Picking the Brain of ALPLM Head Alan Lowe (Illinois Times)
  • ALPLM Removes John Wilkes Booth Statue (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM to be Separate Agency (SJ-R)
  • Museum Director Considers What Can be Added (SJ-R)
  • Madigan Proposes Making ALPLM Stand-Alone Operation (SJ-R)
  • Governor Proposes Independent ALPLM (Illinois Times)
  • Most Recent ALPLM Director Arrives (Illinois Times)
  • Comments from Newest Museum Director (SJ-R)
  • Newest ALPLM Director Appointed (SJ-R)
  • Old Lincoln Newspapers Now Online (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Director Resigns (Illinois Times)
  • Library/Museum Director Resigns (SJ-R)
  • Museum Finances Under Review (Illinois Times)
  • Presidential Library: A Ghost of Its Former Self? (Illinois Times)
  • Exhibits Manager has Connections (Illinois Times)
  • Bourland Appointed Museum Exhibits Manager (SJ-R)
  • Mansion Curator Moves to Presidential Museum (Illinois Times)
  • Lincoln Museum Bill Goes to Illinois Governor (SJ-R)
  • Illinois House Passes Lincoln Museum Bill (SJ-R)
  • New Legislation Proposed for Library/Museum (SJ-R)
  • Kathryn Harris Retires from the Library (SJ-R)
  • Governor Proposes Museum as Separate Entity (SJ-R)
  • Study Recommends Against Separate Museum Agency (SJ-R)
  • Dr. Rietveld Gives Lincoln Coffin Photo Notes to Museum (SJ-R)
  • More Squabbling Over ALPLM Control (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Oversight to be Reviewed (SJ-R)
  • Contentious ALPLM Board Meeting (SJ-R)
  • Lincoln Handwriting Found in Book (SJ-R)
  • Slate from Lincoln's Teacher Donated to Museum (SJ-R)
  • Temporary Respite for Museum Legislation (SJ-R)
  • Editorial: Museum Legislation "Stinks" (SJ-R)
  • Apparent Political Power Grab for ALPLM (Chicago Tribune)
  • Madigan to Museum Foundation: Drop Dead (Illinois Times)
  • Museum Attendance Tops One Million (SJ-R)
  • Library/Museum Acquires Rare Items (SJ-R)
  • Museum Director Named (SJ-R)
  • Second Statue Appears Outside Museum (SJ-R)
  • Statue Unveiled Outside Museum (SJ-R)
  • Museum Foundation Receives $1 Million Gift (SJ-R)
  • Railroad Donates Paintings to Museum (SJ-R)
  • Director Richard Norton Smith Resigns (SJ-R)
  • Heirlooms Given to Museum (SJ-R)
  • Museum Wins Awards (SJ-R)
  • Union Square Park Groundbreaking (SJ-R)
  • Attempt to Recoup Excess Costs (SJ-R)
  • Museum Designer Defends Spending (SJ-R)
  • Museum Costs are Questioned (SJ-R)
  • Museum Cost Details Given (SJ-R)
  • Emir Visits Museum (SJ-R)
  • Treasury Guard Flag Appears in Exhibit (SJ-R)
  • Scholars Give Feedback on Museum (SJ-R)
  • Dedication Speech by President (SJ-R)
  • Dedication Speakers Reflect on Lincoln (SJ-R)
  • Dedication Day Events (SJ-R)
  • Library/Museum Receives $1 Million Pledge (SJ-R)
  • Library Holds Opening Ceremonies (SJ-R)
  • Lincoln Briefcase Donated to Museum (SJ-R)
  • UIS to Work with Library (SJ-R)

  • Campaign to Retain Priceless Artifacts

    Don't miss these short podcasts about Lincoln treasures and how to keep them in the Museum. You will see items such as Lincoln's stovepipe hat, Mary Lincoln's jewelry, President Lincoln's official seal, Lincoln family portraits, presidential china, historic documents, and assassination memorabilia.

    Teacher Resources

    The Library and Museum offer a wealth of information and assistance for teachers, such as lesson plans, classroom activities, workshops, internships, and fellowships.

    Special Podcasts

    Click here for library and museum podcasts covering topics such as the "Lincoln" movie, Lincoln's relationship with his father, a roundtable discussion about the Mary Lincoln insanity "retrial," and various book discussions.

    Papers of Abraham Lincoln

    The Papers of Abraham Lincoln, a major documentary project based in Springfield, Illinois, is now under the governance of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. The following are various resources, news articles and editorials about the project.

  • Lincoln Papers Receives Grant (SJ-R)
  • Finally: Lincoln Papers Posted by ALPLM (Illinois Times)
  • Lincoln Passes Donated to ALPLM (SJ-R)
  • ALPLM Publishes Online Digital Archive (SJ-R)
  • Experts: Lincoln Papers Project has Talented Staff, Poor Management (Sj-R)
  • Lincoln Papers a Mess (Illinois Times)
  • Lincoln Papers Melodrama Plays On (Illinois Times)
  • Lincoln Document Search Suspended at NARA (Illinois Times)
  • Senate Approves ALPLM as a Separate Agency (SJ-R)
  • Divorce Court: UIS, Lincoln Papers Parting Ways (Illinois Times)
  • Civil War: Fights at ALPLM Hit Lincoln Papers (Illinois Times)
  • Reviewing Lincoln (Illinois Times)
  • Experts Helping with Online Release of Lincoln Documents
  • Stowell Fights Firing at Hearing (Illinois Times)
  • Lawyer: Lincoln Papers Director Fighting Termination (SJ-R)
  • Shakeup at Lincoln Papers Project (Illinois Times)
  • Putting Lincoln Online is no Easy Political Task (NYT)
  • Volunteers Put Lincoln Papers into Online Age (Chicago Tribune)
  • Politicians Love Lincoln, but Maybe Not Enough to Pay for Lincoln Scholarship (NYT)
  • Historic Changes: Lincoln Project Loses Staff, IHPA Gets New Leader (Illinois Times)
  • Illinois Historic Preservation Agency Board Replaces Embattled Director (SJ-R)
  • Agency Applies for Lincoln Grant (SJ-R)
  • IHPA Refuses Papers Project Grant Application (Illinois Times)
  • Supporters Defend Lincoln Papers Project (Illinois Times)
  • A House Divided and Crumbling (Illinois Times)
  • Future of Papers of Abraham Lincoln Project in Limbo Amid State Budget Impasse (SJ-R)
  • Papers of Abraham Lincoln Gets $400,000 Grant (SJ-R)
  • Papers of Abraham Lincoln Gets Help with Staff, Storage (SJ-R)
  • Researchers Uncover Two More Lincoln Documents (SJ-R)
  • Document Discovery Video (PAL)

  • State Journal-Register pages used by special permission.

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