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Petersen House where Lincoln died
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Lincoln Assassination and Memorial Links

Lincoln was the first American president to be assassinated, and interest in his death has not declined after many years. Below is a sampling of Web sites available on this topic. Some of these are rich resources and may offer links to many other references. For additional Web sites, consult your favorite search engine.

Assassination Artifacts

  • Abraham Lincoln: The Final Casualty of the War (NMHM)
  • Assassination Deathbed*
  • Assassination Playbill (Kansas State Historical Society)
  • Assassination Relics (Smithsonian Institution)
  • Assassination Rocker*
  • Chair from Lincoln Box Donated to Ford's Theatre (Washington Post)
  • Conspirators' "Wanted" Poster (Library of Congress)
  • Contents of Lincoln's Pockets on April 14, 1865 (Library of Congress)
  • Lincoln Assassination Newspapers*
  • Lincoln Flag (Pike County Historical Society)
  • U.S. Treasury Guards Flag at Ford's Theatre (NPS)
  • Wet With Blood (Chicago History Museum)

    Assassination References and Resources

  • Abraham Lincoln Assassination (Roger Norton)
  • A Doctor's View of the Assassination*
  • Assassination-Related Photographs (Library of Congress)
  • Assassination Resources (University of Delaware Library)
  • Assassination Timeline (Library of Congress)
  • Author Interview: Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln*
  • Books on the Assassination (Surratt House)
  • "Booth's Diary" -- William Hanchett (JISHS)
  • Death of John Wilkes Booth (Eyewitness to History)
  • Dr. Charles A. Leale's Report on the Assassination (JALA)
  • John Wilkes Booth in the Bollinger Lincoln Collection (U. of Iowa)
  • Lincoln Assassination (Randal Berry)
  • Lincoln's Assassination (New York Times)
  • Lincoln Assassination Book List*
  • Lincoln Memories*
  • Looking Through Booth's Eyes*
  • The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (PBS)
  • The Magnificent Find*
  • The Shot Through Lincoln's Hat (Roger Norton)
  • Trial of the Lincoln Assassination Conspirators (Surratt House Museum)
  • Walking in Booth's Shoes*
  • What Type of Trial? A Civil Versus a Military Trial for the Lincoln Assassination Conspirators (JALA)

    Funerals and Memorials

  • Abraham Lincoln's Springfield Funeral and Burial*
  • Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery (Veterans Affairs)
  • Burial Address by Matthew Simpson
  • Icy Blasts to Balmy Airs: British North America and Lincoln's Assassination (JALA)
  • "In This Sad World of Ours, Sorrow Comes to All" -- A Timetable for the Lincoln Funeral Train (JISHS)
  • Lincoln Lies in State at the White House*
  • Lincoln Mourned at the U.S. Capitol*
  • Lincoln Funeral Photograph, Columbus, Ohio (American Museum of Photography)
  • Lincolniana: The Only Known Photograph of Lincoln in His Coffin (JISHS)
  • Lincoln Memorial*
  • Lincoln Model Funeral Train*
  • Lincoln's Assassination and the Protestant Clergy of the North (JISHS)
  • Lincoln White House Funeral*
  • Lincoln White House Funeral Sermon*
  • Ronald Rietveld Video on Lincoln Assassination (Drake U.)
  • Sermon on Lincoln by Phillips Brooks (Making of America)
  • The Lonesome Train poem*
  • The Martyred President: Sermons Given on the Occasion of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Emory University)
  • Tribute to Lincoln by Benjamin B. French*
  • Walt Whitman's "O Captain! My Captain!" Poem (Library of Congress)

    Historic Places

  • Assassination-Related Places*
  • A Teacher's Tour of Ford's Theatre (Matthew Pinsker/Gilder Lehrman Institute)
  • Ford's Theatre (National Park Service)
  • John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Thumbnail Tour (Smithsonian)
  • Lincoln Tomb*
  • Lincoln Tomb Highlights*
  • Lincoln Tomb Photo Tour*
  • Samuel Mudd House (Dr. Samuel Mudd Society)
  • Surratt House Museum (Surratt Society)

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